Saturday, October 26, 2013

Haven't posted in ages

I don't even know where I have left off. My goal for making a million dollars this year is failing, as I am in a much deeper debt than I was when I started. However I did win 20 bux from the lottery last week. Going for the millions this weekend. So some random pics from my journies.

don't know whats going on in here

an inari fox?

batman is laughing, haha!
I dont even like rum
 I actually know this broad. Works at the local pub. She probably doesn't know I found these pics though

see you


  1. she works at your local bar? ha niiiiice. you should strike up a forced convo:
    heeey, you ever think of modeling?


  2. I haven't posted in ages either...until today!

    That chick can lather me up in soap anyday!

  3. Some news about your millions? :)