Saturday, October 26, 2013

Haven't posted in ages

I don't even know where I have left off. My goal for making a million dollars this year is failing, as I am in a much deeper debt than I was when I started. However I did win 20 bux from the lottery last week. Going for the millions this weekend. So some random pics from my journies.

don't know whats going on in here

an inari fox?

batman is laughing, haha!
I dont even like rum
 I actually know this broad. Works at the local pub. She probably doesn't know I found these pics though

see you

Monday, April 29, 2013

Break from breaks

I recently bought a new computer, and have been busy doing new computer things. Windows 8 is pretty cool. I still haven't even transferred most of my files. Cause I'll do that eventually... or just have two PC's going... so in the mean time till I get my ass into gear here is some randoms pics.
best jesus

99% correct
and this is the only broad pic I have on my new pc so far
time for jalapenos. cheers.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I like this boat

Just posting this cause I like this boat. That is all.
that boat looks fucking awesome, I dont care what you say.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Conspiracy time. Part whoever is counting...

So this probably will have no solid background or proof, just some photos y'all have probably already seen. Turns out the Boston bomber story has a lil more behind it than meets the eye. Maybe. Lets look at some well placed photos of possible events that occurred throughout this week.
how a pressure cooker works?

apparently this is that guy dropping off that bomb, and the kid in the blue circle is the one that didn't quite make it.
maybe some mercenaries did it.... for wut? check out below

An anonymous post from Monday, its kind of erie

and here is a leaked picture of that young  terrorist they caught, his face looks busted up.(boston bomber suspect 2 caught pic)

So whose to believe... I'd say nobody. Are these facts true, I don't know. One thing I always say is to question everything everywhere. Question these findings.  Alright well how about a broad, or two.

but first some Satan.

I think this is a repost

this one is new
and I hope this is all y'all reactions to this post.
thanks for the views, I think I need a beer.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Almost an almost

I could rant. It has been building up. But its a hump day afternoon, it is sunny out, I don't have to worry about kids or women and pretty much have the freedom to do anything. A quick update with the 1 million dollar new years resolution and I am basically sitting at even. Is anyone else still working on there new years resolutions?

yfw you read this
mfw my face

and some strangely attractive lady
I should get drunk.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

All of my whats

All of my whats go to this gif..and some pics of tanks.

tanks are badass

mah niggah
need more booze to cure current hang over.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Woo Weekend

Well its finally Friday. It has been quite a busy week. So guy had even called me for an interview and I haven't even been able to call him back at all during the week. Which I guess could be a good thing. Hopefully its not that important. I realized today that now I won't be playing organized hockey for about 6 weeks. I feel so empty now, like...what will I do on weekends now? So lets see how many broads I can post today.
feminism would approve


something about that scarf that made me save this one, i think.
She's a keeper.

Should do some running around. Probably will save it for the late night, cause I'm Batman like that.