Let there be Light Let there be Light

This weekend we finally finished installing our backyard malibu lighting, with the addition of  LED lanterns lining the lake. What was meant...

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6:51 PM

What to expect... What to expect...

Since there is so much to do with this house, and so many new ideas that are constantly popping into my head, I thought it might be helpful...

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5:00 PM

Swedish Saturday Swedish Saturday

We finally did it. We made the 2.5 hour trek to Ikea to get all the crap we've been so desperately needing. I have been planning and sch...

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4:32 PM

This is why I'm not a carpenter This is why I'm not a carpenter

I spent my weekends growing up in the garage with my dad while he was building furniture. Somehow, up until this weekend, I've managed t...

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5:56 PM